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At Tradies365, we apply our vast knowledge of insurance to put together one of Australia’s leading bricklayer’s insurance packages.

Your tools are worth their weight in gold to you and Tradies365 understands that. This is why we recommend a separate policy to protect your tools both on and off the job.

Our customisable plan will cover:

  • Theft from the forced entry of a locked vehicle or locked building
  • Loss because of fire, flood, and designated perils
  • Damage caused by an accident while in transit

Your policy covers you throughout Australia; with stock covered up to $2,000 and cover of individual items $2,000 per item.

Items needing more than $2,000 coverage should be noted. Additional charges will NOT apply for the additional cover on specified items.

You know that you and your fellow tradies do a tough job in a safe manner; unfortunately, accidents can happen to the best of us. This is why in many cases, you are legally bound to have public liability insurance. It will safeguard you in the event that you cause direct or indirect damage or injuries occur on the job site.

Our public liability policy is payable to Tradies365 in instalments and will cover damages to third parties as well as legal fees up to five million dollars.

You can assemble a top-shelf crew and give them the finest tools available, but without transportation to the job site, you won’t accomplish much. This is why insurance for your vehicles and trailers is essential.

Tradies365 has a long history of helping bricklayers get affordable coverage to protect your transportation and your livelihood.

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Australian trade businesses choose Tradies365 to manage their insurance needs.



At Tradies365, we can help you cover your employees by brokering the best available rates. Local regulations about work cover can vary, so be sure to check the requirements in your work area.

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At Tradies365, we see the consequences of accidents and illnesses every day. Knowing what happens to families and individuals without income is a sobering thought, which is why we strongly suggest an income protection insurance policy for all brickies and their subbies.

Income protection insurance is different from work cover, as it will cover you anywhere, not just on the job. Whether you break a bone while on holiday or at the job site, you have cover, and your income secured.

Tradies365 offers two options for income protection insurance for bricklayers:

  1. Accident and illness
  2. Accident only

These have benefit periods from one year up to five years for accident claims and a maximum of two years for illness claims.


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Although the chief builder of a project normally carries contract works insurance, bricklayers sometimes need to provide their own policies. Tradies365 offers both annual cover or cover for individual projects.

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    Australian trade businesses choose Tradies365 to manage their insurance needs.