At Tradies365 we make understanding the business and insurance needs of carpenters a priority. Our team has the expertise necessary to build a customised tradie insurance package that will provide the cover you need at a cost you will appreciate. We make every step of the process as fast and as pain-free as possible.

As you know, a construction site can be a hazardous place. This is why you must have public liability insurance as a way to compensate third parties in the event of an injury or damage to property. Our policies will cover damages and injuries, as well as any legal fees you may incur.

Tradies365 understands that tools and equipment are the lifeblood of a carpenter. That is why we offer a comprehensive policy to make sure you can keep your business running after a loss or theft.

Our coverage on your equipment and tools is for the replacement value of the damaged item, not the depreciated value. Tradies365 automatically provides cover on all items for $2,000 apiece. If a piece of equipment has a higher value, please let us know and we will up the amount of coverage to meet the value at no added charge to you. Any electronic items can get $1,000 of additional coverage for a charge.

The policy provides cover against the customary fire, flood, and specified perils. Additionally, you have cover for theft from a locked building or locked vehicle, as well as damage incurred from an accident during transit. Many of our customers appreciate that this cover extends throughout all states in Australia.

Making sure your employee’s workers compensation cover is in order is a matter of law. Here at Tradies365, we help you with great rates and great service. You should note that the worker’s compensation coverage requirements can vary. Check with your local or regional authorities to see if you must cover your subbies under your work cover policy.

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An injured worker may be compensated

This policy differs from workers compensation as it gives you cover no matter where you are in Australia. Tradies365 provides you with two choices for income protection:

  1. Accident only cover.
  2. Illness and accident cover.

The illness policy has a two-year period of coverage, and the accident cover policy has a variable term ranging from one year to five years.


Income protection insurance for tradies

At Tradies365, we believe that carpenters should carry a contract works policy that provides peace of mind at a reasonable rate. Our policy will guard against theft, storms, fires, and floods; and is available in an annual contract or as a one-time policy to cover a single project.


Your transportation is a central part of your work as a carpenter. Tradies365 will provide cover for trailers and vehicles at a great rate, so you stay on the road. Please inform us if any of your employees with their driver’s license revoked within the last five years will be driving your vehicles.

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