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If you are the owner and operator of a motor trades business, you deal with hazards that are not a part of other trades. Because you have special risks, you need to carry specialised insurance cover to protect your livelihood.

At Tradies365, we offer our clients insurance created with your specific circumstances in mind. You would not expect an engine to fit into every car on the market; do not trust your company’s well-being to a cookie-cutter tradie policy. Allow our team of insurance professionals to help you sort out what you need so your cover will be right, and your repayments will be affordable.

There are several kinds of companies that find insurance for motor trades beneficial. These include but are not limited to:

  • Auto electricians
  • Smash repairers
  • Audio installation
  • Brake specialists
  • Auto detailing
  • Auto parts wholesalers
  • Transmission specialists
  • Tire sales and servicing
  • Engine repair and reconditioning
  • Vehicle computer system specialists
  • Automotive heating and cooling specialists
  • Windshield repair and replacement workers
  • General automotive mechanics

When you consider all of the services you provide, it is easy to see that a tradie in this line of work sees a number of risks that increase the chance of material or physical loss.

Risks that are unique to running a motor trade business include:

  • Responsibility for test-driving customers’ vehicles
  • The increased cost involved with exotic or historic cars and the parts necessary to repair or refurbish these vehicles
  • Potential for problems working with heavy equipment (generally over two tonnes)
  • Working to repair or maintain earthmoving equipment
  • Cost of the equipment you need to do your job
  • Responsibility for storing customer vehicles at your place of business

These areas are over and above the typical concerns of those in other trade businesses.

Depending on the specifics of your policy, you motor trades insurance can cover:

  • Damages to your property by fire, flood, electrical failure, theft, vandalism, or other events outlined in your policy
  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Equipment failure
  • Loss of equipment or stock
  • Breaking of glass indoors or outside of your business

Depending on your circumstances, you should have several kinds of general business insurance in addition to the cover created for the motor trades.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance – All of Australia’s states and territories mandate worker’s compensation cover to protect employees from losses related to their job or place of employment
  • Third Party Property Damage Cover – Pays for damages to another’s property that is your responsibility for causing
  • Comprehensive Business Insurance – Protects against loss or damage to your property due to theft, vandalism, or other unforeseen events
  • Public Liability – Pays in the event that you are the cause of damage to a person or their property

There are additional insurance products that could be beneficial to you and your company. Contact Tradies365 to get more information.

*Please Note* The material provided is for informational purposes only and is not binding insurance advice. For specific information, please consult with an insurance expert.

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Australian trade businesses choose Tradies365 to manage their insurance needs.



Protecting yourself from loss of stock, tools, and equipment is crucial when you are a tradie in the automotive industry. Our policies will safeguard you from loss due to forced entry as well as monetary theft (including electronic transfers and credit cards) embezzlement as well as pay for damage to plate glass.


This covers tools and equipment which are off your premises.


This covers vehicles in the event of an accident regardless of who is driving. For business vehicles, the coverage can be written to cover third party damage if the car is lent to customers.


This covers forms you may fill out or advice you may give to your customers. You are protected from liability if you gave incorrect advice. For example, a safety certificate is missing a detail or verbal suggestions that were not helpful to the customer.


A policy to cover your accountant fees in the event of an audit.


Australia requires businesses to have a worker’s compensation policy for their employees. Tradies365 associates can get you a worker’s compensation package that meets your needs at a fair price.

When planning your worker’s cover, you should check with the local authorities to find out if your subcontractors are considered your employees. Rules vary by location so do not miss this detail.

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Australian trade businesses choose Tradies365 to manage their insurance needs.